Discover the first JetSurf rental operation in North America.
What is JetSurf Surfboard?
Jetsurf factory GP 100
JetSurf, the motorized surfboard.

Born from a need to push the limits of conventional watersports, Jetsurf is devoted to the development and design of the best motorized surfboards in the world.

Jet Surfboards Rentals, is your headquarters and the first and only company in North America to offer the Ultimate Ride experience on a Jet Surfboard. We offer lessons and rentals, at the Biscayne Bay in Miami Florida, on the Key Biscayne Island. Our trainers will show you how to ride the board safely in the calm pristine waters of the bay adjacent to Key Biscayne Beach and Brickell. Jet Surfboards are used for big wave riding in Hawaii, circuit racing on a worldwide tour, and just plain old leisurely fun. Come out to see us and enjoy the Ultimate riding experience on a Jet Surfboard. 

JetSurf Crew
Be part of the JetSurf Crew, our membership program and enjoy special rates!

JetSurf is more than a board, it’s a whole new sport, choose between our Premium or Legendary program, enjoy lower rates, beautiful satellites locations and the thrill of riding and competing with other members! 

Lux Hub AQUA Silver29800$monthly
For 3 Rides per month
Lux Hub AQUA Platinum 42800$monthly
For 5 Rides per month
Lessons & Rentals
Learn for fun!

Everything has a beginning, so learn the ropes and before you know it, you’ll look like a Surfing Pro.
First timers will be given a half hour training and safety session with our Jet Surfboard certified trainers (Included in your rental time free for first timers). After you’ve completed the initial ride and training course, you have the option at any time to rent a Jet Surfboard for a half hour or an hour session using the techniques and skills that you’ve been taught.

Half Hour JetSurf Discovery:8900$Lesson + Rental, First time riders will get a free Lesson from Instructor**
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Jetsurf rental lessons
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Specs on the Jetsurf


The best bang for your buck! The Jetsurf Factory GP 100 have unbelievable power with its 100cc 2-stroke engine. Reaching speeds of 35 miles per hour across any body of water, from lakes to rivers to channels to oceans, the torque and power behind the motorized board is strong enough to be driven in almost all water conditions. The Jetsurf is the most versatile personal water craft available. With the Factory GP 100 you can either speed down the smooth lake in your backyard or hit the swells on the beach. This beast has revolutionized water sports and given experienced surfers or wake-boarding enthusiast the chance to test there skills on a new source of thrill. The beauty of the surfboard is that it can be used by anyone, from beginners in water sports to experts and experienced riders. We have trained riders from all backgrounds and age groups and we have about a 90% success rate. Almost every rider gets the hang of the Jetsurf board within a 30 minute rental session.

We have designated ride zones for beginners where the water is flat, making it the easiest learning curve to be able to get on the board and dominate your turns and throttle control. As we have ride zones for more experienced riders in extreme sports where they are able to nail tricks on waves, learning to do ollies, grabs and back flips on the gas powered motorized surfboard aka Jetsurf.

Jetsurf GP100 Models
JetSurf plan
The MSR 50.2 HXT is a 100cc engine manufactured by MSR engines. Built exclusively for the Jetsurf, it pushes enough force to glide you across the water at speeds over 35 miles per hour making it the fastest in its class.


Length 70.87 inches | 1800 mm
Width 23.62 inches | 600 mm
Height 5.91 inches | 150 mm
Weight 43 pounds | 19.5 kg
Max load 220 pounds | 100 kg
Fuel capacity 0.74 gallons | 2.8 liters
Foot straps Standard – 4 straps / 2 straps option available upon request


Propulsion system Jet-Pump direct drive
Racing pump Carbon fiber; Axial flow; High performance single stage
Racing impeller Carbon fiber


Type 2 stroke engine MSR 50.2 HXT
Displacement 90 cc
Cooling Water cooled open loop
Fuel type Unleaded 93 octane or higher & full synthetic 2 stroke marine oil
Mix ratio 50:1 (standard Oil to Fuel)
Top speed 34 mph | 55 km/h
Cruising range About 40 minutes when at full throttle


Ignition Multiprocessor ICU
Starter DC motor
Battery Li-Ion 3.2 Ah,  There is no alternator in the engine to recharge the battery used to start board. One full charge will last around 150 starts or 4 hours of constant use. Easy and quick charge ( Approximately 45 Minutes ) that can be done via a 12V car/boat outlet or power socket. Smart charger comes included.